How to Properly Take Care of Plated Jewelry - Gold or Silver

Posted by Lilian Pepper on

Jewelry comes in all sorts of materials and quality. Obviously many of us would prefer to have the authentic silver and gold look without the price that comes along with it. Plated jewelry is a great alternative to achieve the look you want without hurting your wallet.

Please remember that all plated jewelry will eventually have signs of wear over time, but these suggestions should be followed to extend the life of your jewelry greatly.

 Remove at night

Do not sleep with plated jewelry, the oils from your skin and constant rubbing against the plated jewelry will cause quicker wear. Some skins are allergic to the material and if they don't show while wearing during the day, wearing it all night may shows signs of reaction. It is safer to remove when sleeping.

Store silver and gold separately

Store only like pieces together such as only gold plated items together and silver plated items separately. The metals will cause adverse reactions to one another and you may experience fading or tarnishing on pieces that have come in contact with one another.

Store in dry place

Humidity and water is not your friend. Moist atmosphere could thin the plating on the jewelry and you will see the wear faster. The restroom is not a good place to store your jewelry.

Don't use chemicals to clean

Only use a damp cloth or towel to wipe down the jewelry, wipe gently and do not rub the pieces. Chemicals and other harsh substances might have an adverse reaction to the pieces so its best to stay on the safer side. Clean them often with a damp towel to remove oils, sweat and dirt.

 Plated jewelry is an excellent choice when combined with proper care. Use the tips above to ensure that you have a long lasting, and good looking jewelry for a long time!

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