Pokemon Go, is it really all good news?

Posted by Lilian Pepper on

The game based on a hit Japanese anime has only been released in the US for about a week and it's already reaching over 15 million users. If you've seen the many news stories lately, it is a revolutionary game because it is getting players outside and exploring. The game utilizes augmented reality using your phone's GPS and camera making this truly an interactive game.

Players are rewarded for exploring new areas and walking around in search of Pokemon animals. The large amount of interaction outside in the real world lets players explore many areas of their city that might otherwise go unnoticed. This can be both a good and bad thing.

There has been a recent incident of one man being stabbed in Anaheim while playing the video game and a couple guys falling off a cliff. This game is addicting and so please be sure to play the game safely and mind your surroundings. Make sure you are wearing your glasses, if you have them. If you are traveling around on your bike, be sure to lock it up in a safe place if your in an unsafe neighborhood.

Happy and safe huntings out there!